Virtually every federal policy has an impact on municipalities, transportation organizations, utility districts and their communities. Whether internet sales taxes, aviation restrictions, highway and water authorization projects, or telecommunications overhaul, these important issues have a tremendous impact on a city’s budget and a community’s quality of life. The Franklin Partnership is the voice for these cities and counties from around the country representing them in major policy decisions.

As Congress prepares to consider a major infrastructure bill, water projects legislation, telecommunications, and education reform, communities need a seat at the table. These projects are worth millions of dollars, from irrigation to Army Corp of Engineers and widening a highway or authorizing an economic development corridor. The Franklin Partnership has close relationships with policymakers who serve on the committees which authorize these projects to move forward such as the House Transportation and Infrastructure and Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committees.

Local governments and community leaders must have a role in developing federal policy that impacts day-to-day lives of their citizens and visitors. The Franklin Partnership successfully helped a client resolve a four decade long aviation policy dispute under which thousands of jobs and literally hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake. We also succeeded in securing provisions in major policy bills such as grandfathering a client’s current practices into long term telecommunications policy. This saved the municipality millions and preserved its existing community services.

Too many firms only focus on federal funding, at The Franklin Partnership, we provide full services to our clients from federal grant funding to drafting legislative policy language and negotiating Agency settlements.

  • Assisted with Army Corps river initiative authorizing more than $400 million in Texas
  • Helped negotiate resolution to 40-year dispute over Wright Amendment aviation law
  • Successfully led efforts among local business community to prevent closing of military installation during BRAC
  • Helped secure grandfather provision for client in telecommunications overhaul
  • Led in redrafting federal homeland security grant policy to favor municipalities
  • Continue to support federal funding for public transportation including light and high-speed rail, housing, youth programs, education and other social services.
  • $32M for Detroit riverfront conservatory
  • $6M in Federal grants for the US Coast Guard for Seawall preservation